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    Internationally rated for our educational standards.
    There may be lots of reasons you’re considering New Zealand as your study destination. But naturally you have to be confident about the quality of education on offer.

    Be reassured. New Zealand schools, universities and institutes are known worldwide for their high standards. You’ll find our qualifications are internationally recognized and welcomed by employers. You’ll enjoy the benefits of quality teaching and small classes and we’re a great place for your English language training. Strict quality control means you can be sure of a consistently high standard of education wherever in New Zealand you choose to study.

    Study in New Zealand:
    There are 10 levels of study in New Zealand schools and universities. The lowest level is a certificate and the highest is a doctoral degree.

    You might qualify for Study in one of the given level. Dont miss the opportunity to study in the world class education system.

    Temporary Visa - Study visa
    Student visa based on partnership

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